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PUB2ID- Convert Publisher to InDesign

PUB2ID (Convert Microsoft Publisher to InDesign)

PUB2IDPUB2ID is a plug-in which to convert Publisher to InDesign. PUB2ID provides quick, affordable and easy method for users to convert all Microsoft Publisher content in to a new Adobe InDesign. The conversion of Microsoft Publisher content into Adobe InDesign document is possible with a single click by using InDesign File -> Open menu. Even the minute details of the content in the Publisher document is translated and recreated to InDesign immediately using PUB2ID. Users can change the items such as fonts and styles, layers, word wrap, attributes and tables, linked text boxes, page size, positioning, color models and automatic extraction of image in Publisher.

PUB2ID saves time of scanning, formatting and re-keying of the document. This software will reduce the cost of content re-creation, saves times to re-create content. With this software users also have the freedom to select your authoring system features such as to support InDesign CS2&CS3 and to convert MS Publisher 2002 through 2007. PUB2ID enables easy data migration and preserves intellectual property investment. PUB2ID supports both Mac and Windows platform. But the text flow and certain graphical elements will not 100% perfect because all Desktop Publishing applications have their own methods of graphical representation and text rendering.

PUB2ID Requirement:


  • Mac OS v10.4 to v10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Macintosh G4 or Higher
  • Require Adobe InDesign CS3, CS4
  • Open Publisher files v.2002 – v.2007


  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Pentium III or higher
  • Require Adobe InDesign CS3, CS4
  • Open Publisher files v.2002 – v.2007

Find out the lastest version of PUB2ID here. Please note that you will receive PUB2ID Serial Number and activation code to active the software.

Convert Publisher to Indesign

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